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Our History: Quality Since 1926

Allens Canned Veggies HistoryWe remain focused on the same core values that were set when the company was founded. We began as Allen Canning Company in 1926 near Siloam Springs, Arkansas. The growth and expansion has continued through the decades as more items were added to our product line and state of the art facilities enhanced productivity. During the seventies, growth allowed for the purchase of other companies and brands like Popeye Brand Spinach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to feed the world through great-tasting, affordable and high-quality canned vegetables. We are able to achieve this mission through the efforts of our dedicated, hard-working employees.

We're a Sustainable Brand

Allens is a Sustainable BrandManagement has identified several key sustainability priorities which summarize its approach to social responsibility. The formalization of its sustainability statement has provided transparency to our customers, employees and communities served regarding the components of its approach.

The six key components of our sustainability mission are as follows:

  • Nutrition: We will aim to enhance the nutritional and health value of the products we sell by, for example, offering low sodium or gluten-free product offerings.
  • Energy: We will take pro-active measures to reduce our energy (i.e. natural gas, diesel, electricity and other) consumption across our processing facilities and other locations.
  • Water & Waste: We will aim to reduce our water usage and minimize waste during production across our processing facilities.
  • Safety: We will aim to have zero accidents in our processing facilities.
  • Talent Management: We will recruit, develop and retain talented, employees of all backgrounds who believe in and share our core values.
  • Giving Back: We will support and give back to the communities in which we operate.

Allens about our brands of canned sweet potatoes, spinach and other canned vegetables

Business Partnerships

From retailer relations and private-label manufacturing to foodservice and industrial sectors, we have decades and generations of experience in delivering quality products, on time.

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